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1 24 Hour Notice of Intent to Enter Premises
2 5 Ways to Buy Real Estate / How Equity is created
3 Assignment of Deed of Trust
4 Balloon Payment Notification providing new 90 day due date
5 Beneficiary Declaration of Compliance
6 California Senate Bill 1137
7 Cash for Keys
8 Declaration of Service of Notice to Tenant Three-Day
9 Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure
10 Delinquency Status and Counseling Compliance Authorization
11 Equity Purchase Agreement
12 Equity Purchase Agreement Addendum
13 Equity Purchase Agreement Notice of Cancellation
14 Grant Deed
15 Note Purchase example generating over $100k in profits
16 30 Day Notice of Change in Rental Terms
17 Notice of Termination of Tenancy
18 Notice to Pay Rent or Vacate Premises
19 Offer to Purchase Non-performing Note
20 Quit Claim Deed
21 CA Real Estate Purchase Contract and Deposit Receipt(Legal size) 
22 CA Real Estate Purchase Contract and Deposit Receipt (Letter Size)
23 CA Real Estate Purchase Offer: how to fill out an offer for an Investment Property
24 REO Offer Cover Letter
25 Report Formats: Excel, CSV, DBF
26 Reverse Mortgage example
27 Standard Property Use Codes
28 Substitution of Trustee and Reconveyance
29 Third Party Authorization
30 Three (3) Day Notice to Quit due to Foreclosure
31 Title VII_Protecting Tenants at Foreclosure Act
32 TSBS Contract
33 TSBS Power of Attorney
34 Ways to Hold Title; CA Bureau of Real Estate
35 Ways to hold title: summary chart from First American Title
36 California Foreclosure Laws and Process
37 Arizona Foreclosure Laws and Process
38 Nevada Foreclosure Laws and Process
39 Oregon Foreclosure Laws and Process
40 Washington Foreclosure Laws and Process
41 Junior Bene Buyouts
42 CA Senate Bill 1079
43 CA Assembly Bill 3088 
44 Example Non-binding notice of intent to bid
45 Example Affidavit of Eligible Bidder
46 Example of Post Sale Bid Submission Letter