Company Profile

County Records Research (CRR) was established in 1981, and operates out of its headquarters in Huntington Beach, CA. CRR has been protecting investor’s interests by providing fast, accurate foreclosure processing services on non-judicial foreclosures throughout California and Nevada.

Swift and decisive action against delinquent borrowers can save you thousands of dollars in the long run. Lenders who choose to be overly lenient often end up diminishing their equity position unnecessarily.

  • We begin the foreclosure process with NO UPFRONT COSTS TO YOU the Beneficiary. CRR will wait up to 4 months, enough to complete most foreclosures, before requiring payment.

  • Our experienced staff will guide you through every step of the foreclosure process, utilizing our 60+ years of cumulative expertise in the foreclosure processing arena.

  • CRR utilizes a proven foreclosure processing system, and is able to streamline your paperwork to get you either your money or the property back fast.

  • The CRR guarantee: “You will get your money or the property back at the end of the foreclosure process”.