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Duplex picked up for $77,000....can you spell LEVERAGE?

Another great buy yesterday at the sales in Pomona:

Duplex in Los Angeles (zip 90044) 2-2/1 Units, estimated value of appx. $450k. The 2nd TD took the property to sale, and someone purchased it for $77,000....subject to a $187k 1st recorded 3/29/10. So, even without amortizing the 1st they picked up the property for a total purchase price of $264k.....and only had to pull $77k out of their pocket!!!

Our Bidder was there, ready to take your order and bid on your behalf. We even have a source that will finance up to 70% of your purchase price at the us for details

We have a Youtube page full of free resources , and even have a free trial membership so you can check it out for yourself

San Bernardino County Trustee Sale Field Trip this Monday 10/15 at 1pm in Chino

We've got our final October Trustee Sale field trip scheduled for Monday at the Chino sale site (13220 Central Ave, Chino CA). This is a great opportunity to get instruction from an experienced bidder! All kinds of properties are sold at this location...with plenty of inventory to choose from for investors on both large and small budgets. Some of the properties sold in the last two weeks:

Properties scheduled for sale on Monday October 15th at 1 pm

This is a FREE event...time to start building that portfolio before another year goes by!

Don't miss our FREE Trustee Sale Field Trips this month!

Take a look at some of the great deals people have picked up at the Trustee sales in just the first few days of this month at the Trustee sales in Pomona and Chino:

The purchase of W 28th Street in San Bernardino is very curious. I can't explain why this would go for such a low price, but even if the property was destroyed by fire, the buyer still got a fantastic deal because at worst case s/he just bought a residential lot for a little over $20k!

The property on Beryl Ave was picked up by buying the property thru the 2nd TD...the buyer owns a $300K+ property using only $60,300 of his/her own cash!

The way to make these big spreads is to do your research and then show up to bid at the sales. We have FREE Trustee Sale field trips scheduled for both LA and San Bernardino Counties in the next couple weeks, the first one scheduled for this the busiest sale location of them all!

Los Angeles County Sales:

Date: 09/14/2018

Time: 10:30 a.m.

To prepare for Friday's field trip, we're providing FREE ACCESS to LA County thru Friday!

User name: CRR

Password: 2018

Please meet Susan by the fountain at 10:30 am.

San Bernardino County Sales:

Date: 09/17/2018

Time: 1:00 p.m.

To prepare for Monday's field trip, we're providing FREE ACCESS to San Bernardino County thru the 17th !

User name: Build

Password: Wealth

Please meet Susan by the fountain at 1:00 pm

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